U.S. Senator

Chris Coons

Dee Durham will be a fresh voice in county government. She is an experienced advocate for historic preservation, open government, and responsible land use in New Castle County. She will bring her leadership experience and her lifelong connection to our community to make a difference for the people of the Second Council District.

Mary Ann's List

A long-time resident of New Castle County and community leader, Dee Durham is committed to stepping up to serve the county's second district. An environmental advocate and co-founder of Plastic Free Delaware, Dee has a strong background in conservation, governmental transparency and smart growth issues. She will be a voice for women on county council, a voice to protect their quality of life in New Castle County's Second District, standing up to land-use overdevelopment and preserving green spaces.
U.S. Senator

Tom Carper

"I've worked with Dee since my days as Governor in an effort to improve Delaware's environment and preserve our state's rich history. In leading these efforts, Dee has proven she is a trusted leader with a strong voice who is always focused on improving our communities. Dee is the right candidate to represent Brandywine Hundred and beyond on New Castle County Council."

Beaver Valley Preservation Alliance

Beaver Valley and open spaces have a friend in Dee Durham.

Sunrise Movement - Newark

Sunrise Newark is happy to announce our endorsement of Friends for Dee Durham for New Castle County Council, District 2! The Sunrise Newark Hub is a group of young people with a connection to the state of Delaware pushing for a more sustainable, compassionate future. The two main avenues that Sunrise Newark uses to push towards such a future are education and electoral impact. Together, we can spread awareness of environmental issues and elect leaders that will enact sustainable, green policies. Together, we can lead each other to the future we want to see. A major reason for our support is that Councilwoman Durham has pledged to support the Green New Deal and not accept any campaign donations from fossil fuel sources. However, she is by no means a new climate champion. In 2010, Dee founded Plastic Free Delaware, an organization she still leads that is devoted to reducing plastic waste and all the associated health impacts. Dee has a long history of environmental activism outside of Plastic Free Delaware as well. If re-elected, Dee plans to, among other things, improve Electric Vehicle infrastructure in the county, reduce food and e-waste, better prepare communities for sea level rise, and improve energy efficiency of homes. We know that, when re-elected, she will tirelessly lead the fight for sensible environmental policy that keeps both people and the planet safe and happy!

Delaware State AFL CIO

The Delaware State AFL-CIO is pleased to announce that they have again endorsed Dee Durham for New Castle County Council District 2 in 2022.

Delaware Building and Construction Trades Council

American Youth 4 Climate Action & Sustainability

2022 Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate of Distinction

Delaware Women for Inclusion

DWFI is proud to endorse Dee Durham for New Castle County Council, District 2. The Council needs new leadership and Dee would be an exceptional councilwoman for the district. Dee is a passionate advocate for the environment, historic resources, conservation and open government. She does not have a primary, but is facing a long-term incumbent and needs our support now! Dee is a lifelong resident of the District and has a history of professional and volunteer leadership positions, including several nonprofit organizations. She has also served on the Board of the Civic Council of Brandywine Hundred and the Board of Supervisors for the New Castle Conservation District. Dee will continue to work to: 1) protect open space, historic landmarks and resources; 2) implement smarter growth; 3) give the community a greater voice; 4) ensure an open, transparent government; and 5) protect and improve our quality of life. A vote for Dee will go a long way toward bringing the change we need on the New Castle County Council. Formed in 2016, Delaware Women for Inclusion is a group of women in Delaware who are demographically and culturally diverse, and passionate about making change happen. Our mission is to demand inclusivity for all Americans, on both a local level in Delaware, as well as on a national level. While we are aligned with the Delaware Chapter of the March on Washington, our long term vision is to continue to tap into the tremendous energy of the women in our state to be the change we want to see.

Progressive Change Campaign Committee

Dee was named a 2018 Champion by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which honors candidates across the country who are fighting for progressive priorities and looking out for the needs of everyday families.